At Paloma Olguín we embrace the concept of slow fashion through small batch production -we don't release large collections. Instead pieces are released throughout the year as we find necessary and those in which we genuinely believe are fundamentals to building a strong wardrobe.

We strive to contribute to changing habits around excessive consumption with intentional designs as we want our pieces to be continually worn and last throughout the seasons. 

  • Our Main Line is created by solely utilizing deadstock or surplus materials.
  • Our Re-Worked collection is a curation of mindfully hand picked preloved items in which we give a second life through up-cycling in aims to reduce demand for new production.

Each Paloma Olguín piece is responsibly and ethically made in Southern California supporting local craftworkers. When you buy Paloma Olguín, you are supporting fair wages and craftsmanship. 

Make sure to mend, care for, or resell your pieces for a more sustainable future.

Founder & Creative Director

After working many years as a fashion stylist, I decided to create my own label, a brand born out of my wildest dreams. Reflective on my signature style of easy dressing and elegance, my background as a stylist has helped me understand the essentials of a solid wardrobe. Think of this as one big styling session with me; each season I'll be providing you with "the outfit" you need for that summer getaway or "the outfit" to carry you through the fall and winter months.

I design and style with the intention of changing the way we think about dressing ourselves as I ardently believe that clothing has the power to transfigure the way you carry yourself in the world. The pieces I create are pieces I want to wear myself, inspired by the items I search for and feel are missing in current fashion in order to make everyday dressing easy yet elegant.

Paloma Olguín is a love letter to my grandmother, a courageous and altruistic individual that inspires me daily to search for the strength within myself to follow my passions and do my best to give back to the world.

- Diana